The Next Generation

John Gregg understands that we cannot talk about jobs without talking about education. We need to prepare our youngest Hoosiers to compete in the global economy, and the way to do that is to make sure they have the best educational opportunities. As a former university president, John knows that there are many career paths students can take, and that whether it's through technical training or a liberal arts education, we have a responsibility to prepare our young people for the jobs of the future.

Early Childhood Education

We need to get our kids ready to learn from day 1 in school. John is a strong supporter of early childhood education.  Studies have shown that every dollar spent on early childhood education creates $7 in education savings.  As Governor, John will:

  • Support full day funding of full day kindergarten.
  • Create a pilot program to study pre-K in schools throughout Indiana to study its statewide feasibility. 
  • Create a tax credit for middle class families to pay for childcare that can be a barrier to the workforce for some. 
  • Read the full plan for expanding early childhood education here: 

Protecting Children

John has a comprehensive plan to reform the Indiana Department of Children's Services. The current DCS policies have left too many children behind and we cannot afford to let our most vulnerable kids fall through the cracks in a broken system any longer. John will make protecting children a priority.

Over the past three years, the DCS returned over $300 million to the state, leaving the money unspent. John will use that money to institute new reforms in the department. John will:

  • Reinstate preventative mental healthcare services for at risk youths.  This protection was recently removed, requiring a case to be open before families could seek services for their children. 
  • Launch a statewide adoption promotion effort in Indiana by offering needed services for adoptive parents of children with special needs.
  • Create the Office of the Child Advocate to be responsible for ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of the child welfare system and to ensure that families are getting the services they need to keep children safe. 
  • Read the full plan for reforming DCS here: