IN AFL-CIO Endorses Gregg-Simpson Ticket

NDIANAPOLIS – Indiana gubernatorial candidate John Gregg received the unanimous endorsement of the Indiana AFL-CIO, which represents over 300,000 working Hoosiers, at their meeting in Indianapolis on Friday. The AFL-CIO also endorsed Gregg's running mate, Senator Vi Simpson, for Lt. Governor of Indiana.

Speaking at the meeting, Gregg said "I am so proud to have the endorsement of Indiana's AFL-CIO. Standing up for working men and women throughout Indiana has always been at the heart of my campaign, and I am happy to stand with my brothers and sisters today, united in our desire to create and protect good-paying jobs for Hoosiers."

"Truly strengthening our economy means creating and sustaining jobs that Hoosiers can raise a family on, make a career of and that will not be shipped overseas. The way to do that is not to denigrate our workers, or to support so called "free trade" agreements that are neither free nor fair, and send Hoosier jobs to China, India and Mexico. The way to do it is to invest in Indiana and create jobs here. Indiana has so many resources right here.  We need to unleash them to put Hoosiers back to work."

Indiana AFL-CIO president Nancy Guyott said of the endorsement, “In John Gregg and Vi Simpson working Hoosiers will have an experienced team that will go to the Statehouse each day to fight for them, not against them.Each has a long record of doing what’s right for Indiana’s working families and of bringing people together to get things done.”

“On behalf of the more than 300,000 working men and women of the Indiana AFL-CIO, we proudly endorse John Gregg for governor and Vi Simpson for lieutenant governor.”