Gregg Campaign Statement on Congressman Pence's Social Agenda

INDIANAPOLIS – Congressman Mike Pence continued to unveil his planned social agenda today, stating that if he is Governor, the state will "promote marriage" by requiring "family impact statements" on new rules and regulations.  In response to Congressman Pence's plans, Gregg for Governor Communications Director Daniel Altman issued the following statement:

"Why on earth are we talking about the state promoting marriage when unemployment is over 8%?  Hoosier families come in all shapes and sizes, and our next Governor needs to be a Governor for them all, not just those that fit in Congressman Pence's social agenda."

"If Congressman Pence was so concerned with childhood poverty, why did he vote against health insurance for children (HR 3963HR 3963, veto override, HR 2HR 2, motion) and call it 'middle class welfare?' (MSNBC, 10/3/07)"

“We need a Governor who will focus on jobs, not one who wants to lead the nation in social engineering."